November 2017-Jose Dimas Rios

Jose Dimas Rios-min.png

For 20 years Jose Dimos Rios has left his stamp of excellence on hundreds of our customers homes around the Triad. Along with his trusted craftsman Oscar Dominguez there is not a skill set that is missing in this team. Hardscapes of all sizes and shapes, unique water sculpture fountains, landscape installation, irrigation and low voltage lighting are all easily accomplished by them. You name it they can install it.

Jose is deeply devoted to insuring our customers receive the highest quality and satisfaction and rarely do his projects run over budget. 

Jose has two wonderful children and will shortly be heading to El Salvador for a much deserved break to visit his family. Congratulations Jose for being Employee of the Month.


October 2017-Eleanor Farlow

Congratulations Eleanor!

Congratulations Eleanor!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for October is Eleanor Farlow. 

Eleanor started working at the Gazebo in April of 2012 in the nursery, then at the Village nursery, and became the Greenhouse Manager in 2013. Her previous position was with the Greensboro Children’s Museum in the Edible Schoolyard. She was the interim director of the garden.

She manages a well-oiled greenhouse, buying annuals, houseplants, pottery.  Her customer service is incredible, many customers ask for her, and she is interoperable throughout the store.

Eleanor graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in art, marketing, and production. She has a permaculture/design certificate and is an avid gardener.



September 2017-Chad Spease

Chad Spease-min.png

The New Garden Employee of the Month for September is Chad Spease. Chad has worked in multiple areas throughout the company since graduating from NC State in May, 2000. He started in landscape installation, then managed tree/shrub sales at both retail locations. He currently works for the sales team in Winston-Salem and Greensboro assisting with landscape/irrigation designs and estimating. Chad was nominated by multiple designers for his desire to go above and beyond to help them prepare drawings for clients, create estimates, and train them on our estimating system. Chad also works diligently to ensure the pricing is up to date in ProEst. 

Chad likes going camping and enjoying the outdoors with his wife, Jennie, and two boys, Zach and Tyler,



August 2017-Tano Romero

Tano Badge-min.jpg

The New Garden Employee of the Month for August is Cayetano “Tano” Romero. Tano has worked for New Garden since September 1998. He is a Maintenance Foreman for the Forsyth business cell, taking care of many of our large commercial accounts.  One of these accounts is Sealy Mattress in Trinity. Tano and his crew spend two long days during the week taking care of this massive property. His attention to detail is outstanding, with many of the property managers commenting on his crew's outstanding work.  We are privileged to have Tano as an employee with such dedication to his work and New Garden Landscaping.





July 2017-Bobby Hockenberry

Congratulations Bobby!

Congratulations Bobby!

Bobby came to New Garden in February of 2017, and has gone above and beyond at our new account, Whitestone Retirement Community. He and his crew member, Tate Chucales, report directly to the job site each day.

His ability to maintain not only the property, but the relationships with all of the homeowners, tenants and staff has been a proven success! We receive accolades from the Executive Director, the Facilities Director and staff about Bobby’s work, attitude and commitment. His dedication to this property has helped New Garden solidify this account and has brought in numerous extra billable opportunities.

In his off time, he likes to travel with his wife, Rhonda, to visit his children, grandchildren and family. He enjoys woodworking and like all of us here at New Garden, working in his yard.



June 2017-Linda Hilton

Congratulations Linda!

Congratulations Linda!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for June is Linda Hilton. Starting with New Garden when the Gazebo opened in 2001, she enjoyed learning about all aspects of the nursery from a wonderful group of people. In 2007 she moved to the Village, filling many roles from Advertising to POS support. Her most recent role as a member of the Admin team has been scheduling irrigation clients.

Trying to manage and route hundreds of startups and repairs is a monumental task. Linda has taken on that challenge and did a great job maximizing efficiency in routing and handling all the communication necessary to make sure our technicians had access to our customer’s equipment. It is a job that comes with many frustrations but she handled it with a positive attitude and the patience needed to satisfy all our customers’ requests. Linda is another fine example of the many talented employees who have stepped up and mastered new skills, becoming more interoperable in the process and bringing greater value to our company.


April 2017-Kevin King

Congratulations Kevin!

Congratulations Kevin!

Kevin began working as a seasonal sales associate at the Gazebo in May 2013. By later that same year he became the nursery manager for the Village retail location. Kevin began as the annual color program manager in 2015. He has been a happily interoperable member of the GET team ever since he started with us. Kevin jumps in to help wherever he sees the need and offers his time willingly no matter what department needs the help. Process improvement is one of Kevin’s many skills and he has streamlined our color program to be more efficient.

Kevin is engaged to get married in July 2017 to his sweetheart Amy. In their free time they enjoy hiking and camping with their dog Tucker. He also enjoys practicing Jiu Jitsu and will soon be a blue belt.


March 2017-Julio Sorto

Congratulations Julio!

Congratulations Julio!

With almost 28 years as a part of our New Garden family, evidence of Julio’s craftsmanship and efforts can be seen at homes throughout the triad. Whether he is installing plants and trees, drainage or stonework, he takes pride in getting the end result right. Along with this, his smile and pleasant personality makes him a joy to work with (if you catch him on the right day, he may even share a fishing story).

Over the years his attitude towards his job and his clients has been outstanding, he is willing to approach each project with optimism no matter how difficult it may seem. With New Garden celebrating a 40 year anniversary, Julio has played an important part in insuring our success in building long term relationships .


February 2017-Ann Tangedal

Congratulations Ann!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for February is Ann Tangedal. She started with New Garden in March 2010 at the Gazebo.

Ann is a very hard working team player. She’s always on top of her area in perennials and always thinking of how she can help others in their department.  She will out perform any 20 year old guy you put beside her. Ann’s customer service is impeccable, and she has many customers who refuse to work with anyone else but her.  She maintains our perennial display “gardens”, orders and manages the perennials; and has a great working knowledge of all of the plants in the garden center.  She is truly interoperable.  Above all, she is a great friend to all who work with her; bringing a smile and a bit of Swedish culture with her to work everyday.


January 2017-Steve Windham

Congratulations Steve!

Congratulations Steve!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for January is Steve Windham. Steve joined New Garden twenty-seven years ago as a Landscape Installation foreman and has served as a critical part of our design/sales services for many years. He was nominated this month for his service the last two years as Chair of Greensboro Beautiful. The goal of this non-profit is to conserve and enhance the beauty and ecology in our community through large tree plantings, litter cleanup campaigns, and public garden events. This was a personal growth opportunity for him and a source of pride for New Garden.

He still continues to serve this important organization in many ways including his current work designing a feature “Bee Garden” at the Greensboro Arboretum. Thank you Steve for representing New Garden so well for the betterment of our community.


December 2016-Chad Burton

Congratulations Chad!

Congratulations Chad!

Interoperable is the perfect word to describe Chad’s abilities. He started in our Maintenance department and worked his way up to Foreman level. He was often called on to utilize other skills that he had acquired over the years, including carpentry, plumbing and electrical experience.  Knowing about these skills allowed us to offer Chad a new challenge to become an Irrigation Service Tech.  Chad has done a fantastic job handling simple repairs and complex irrigation problems. He as a very intuitive mind and looks at all the angles before coming up with the best solution to solving our customer’s irrigation challenges. He even came in on a holiday to fix an irrigation problem that could not be delayed. 


November 2016-Carlos Cruz

Congratulations Carlos!

Congratulations Carlos!

Carlos is a 20 year veteran of our Landscape Installation Department. He is a member of the Guilford North team. As you can imagine, with that amount of time with our company, Carlos is a well-rounded and vital employee. He isable to provide top-quality landscape installation and customer service. He demonstrates an excellent attitude (and smile) and impeccable attendance. He teams up with Julio and is skilled in everything from proper bed preparation to installation of trees and shrubs, drainage and stone work. Thank you Carlos for your dependability and teamwork!


October 2016-Brandon Butler

Congratulations Brandon!

Congratulations Brandon!

Brandon started in March of 2015 at the New Garden Village retail store. He joined the New Garden Select team in May 2015 as a lawn technician.  He is currently training to become a tree and shrub technician with Dean Gardiner .

Brandon is praised by his customers for his outstanding service. He is always willing to take on new responsibilities to help the company reach their goals. He shows leadership in training new and existing team members on company practices. Brandon was nominated because he has exceeded his sales goals throughout the aeration and seeding season.

September 2016-Ben Katterjohn

Congratulations Ben!

Congratulations Ben!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for September is Ben Katterjohn. 

Ben joined New Garden a little over a year ago. Despite being a relatively new employee, Ben’s professionalism and competency led him to become the foreman of our newest Landscape Maintenance team last spring.

As a foreman he has also shown leadership in working with his team member to encourage participation and success with Plant ID as well expanding job-site skills. He is also studying to take the NC Pesticide Applicator’s test. Just recently a client compliment was received praising him for being attentive to her needs.

August 2016-Victor Sanchez

Congratulations Victor!

Congratulations Victor!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for August is Victor Sanchez. Victor started working for New Garden on May 6, 2013. He is a Foreman for Guilford South.

Victor along with Jose Melara are responsible for maintaining high end commercial buildings and the community of Deep River. The quality of work and his relationship with his customers is highly praised. Deep River has often told us how indispensable Victor is in providing their service.

Victor was nominated because he is efficient, quality oriented, a great communicator, and self-driven to perform better each day.

July 2016-Santos Benitez

Congratulations Santos!

Congratulations Santos!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for July is Santos Benitez. Santos started working for New Garden on April 28, 1997. He currently is a CRM for Guilford South. Santos previously was Employee of the Month for March, 2013

Santos had two Gold Card nominations in July praising his great customer service. A concern from the Reeds job was immediately addressed, and the client called praising Santos and his team. He also had great communication with Well Spring that helped to save the account.


June 2016-Rose Collis

Congratulations Rose!

Congratulations Rose!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for June is Rose Collis. Rose started working for New Garden on October 15, 2015. She currently is a member of the MET team in Winston-Salem.  

Rose had two Gold Card nominations in June from Jeanine Bennett.

She said Rose is great to work with and her attention to detail is impeccable! Two different landscape clients commented on her work, one saying “Rose is an absolute artist!”


May 2016-David Armstrong

Congratulations David!

Congratulations David!

The New Garden Employee of the Month for May is David Armstrong. David started working for New Garden on September 8, 2001. He currently is a foreman with the GET team.  

David takes the extra time to accommodate the wants and needs of his clients. He is a great team player; after working a full day he was willing to go help on another flower job. He did an excellent job blocking off work areas with cones along roads and had the whole team wearing safety vests. David had three Gold Card nominations in May!

April 2016-Huot Ksor

The New Garden Employee of the Month for April is Huot Ksor.  Huot won Employee of the Month the first month it was implemented three years ago! Huot started working for New Garden March 9, 2009. He currently is a foreman with the GET team.  

Huot earned his Gold Card nomination from Beckie Berlin for his great communication with the CRM and customers when getting jobs started. We all appreciate your attention to detail. 

Huot enjoys playing soccer and volleyball with his church league outside of work. He also likes going to the park with his three kids Colleen (10), Kelly (1 ½) , and Jason (2 months).