Our Garden Services experts can help your imagination take root at home. If you’re a “do-it-yourselfer”, our Garden Services let you “shop” for help and guidance in your garden. Garden Services is your key to keeping your landscape beautiful and well-maintained with expert resources!

We Plan, You Plant

If you’d like to make some changes to your landscape and are willing to do the planting yourself but just aren’t sure of what to plant where, our We Plan, You Plant service is for you! We Plan, You Plant is available by appointment on Saturdays at New Garden Gazebo. For more details about the service visit the We Plan, You Plant page. For your convenience, you can schedule your We Plan, You Plant appointment online!

Garden Guide

A Garden Guide will do an on-site visit to discuss any issues and possible plans you have with your garden including: plant ID, pest management, plant choice suggestions, suggestions on relocating plants, pruning & maintenance suggestions. The Garden Guide service is $85 per hour (minimum one hour). To schedule, call (336) 288-8893, visit New Garden Gazebo, or use the button below:

(if you are looking for an estimate for Landscape Services or Garden Enhancement, please use our services contact form)

Container Gardening

Bring your own container or purchase a container at New Garden Gazebo and one of our sales associates will work with you to design the perfect container garden. We’ll plant it up and you can pick it up within 48 hours. If you’d prefer, we can also arrange return delivery or on-site planting. Visit New Garden Gazebo for details.

Retail Planting

Love that tree in our nursery, but pretty sure planting it is a larger job than you can handle? Our Retail Planting service includes pre-plant site visit to confirm proper plant siting, utility location, delivery, planting, soil amendments & fertilizer. For one plant or many plants, it gives your nursery purchases the best possible start-all you need to do is water! Ask a sales associate when you visit.