We Plan, You Plant is now on Holiday/Winter break.


Before Your Appointment...
Pre-appointment Worksheet
Tips for Great Results

We Plan, You Plant is a design service offered by New Garden Landscaping & Nursery to assist you with the design and layout of your home landscaping projects. Appointments are available in spring and fall. This page contains information to help you prepare for your appointment with our We Plan, You Plant designer, plus an online scheduler you can use to set up your own WPYP appointment. 

Your We Plan, You Plant appointment will be at New Garden Landscaping & Nursery's New Garden Gazebo location. New Garden Landscaping & Nursery will devote one hour of consultation and design time with our We Plan, You Plant designer for you. This is sufficient time to plan a specific area, such as a front foundation or island bed, and costs $50 (+ tax). For more extensive landscape projects, please call 336-665-0291 or visit our contact page to arrange an appointment with our design staff.

If you decide you need help installing all or part of your project, we can help!

Let us show you how easy it can be to turn your landscaping dreams into reality!




We Plan, You Plant is now on Holiday/Winter break.

We'll be taking appointments in the New Year for March consultations in our newly remodeled space! Watch your email for notification of WPYP's return in 2018! (Sign up here if you're not subscribed already.)

Before your 'We Plan, You Plant' appointment...

Gather Your Materials

Take photos and measurements of existing bed areas and structures to bring to your appointment. You'll find a list of the information you'll need on the pre-appointment worksheet. If your home's plot plan is available bring that also. 

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Tips for Great Results with your We Plan, You Plan Design

Shape the New Planting Bed

Use a garden hose to lay out the shape of a free-form bed; use a tape measure and a straight edge, such as a piece of lumber, for formal straight-line bed. Then spray paint the bed outline (Be sure to use a paint can that will spray in an upside-down position). Tip: Avoid creating hard to mow corners.



Call ULOCO at 800-632-4949 to locate any underground phone or internet cables, electrical wires, or gas lines. This is a free service. 


Clear Out the Bed Area

Remove grass and relocate any unwanted plants in the new bed area.


Till the Planting Area and Add Soil Amendments

(printable instructions)

For groundcovers and natural areas, till at least 4" deep. For shrubs and seasonal color beds, till at least 8" deep. Edge the bed with a sharp spade by trenching 3" deep around the outside (do not till beneath shallow-rooted plants such as dogwoods or Japanese maples.)

Once soil is loosened, till in soil amendments. For very heavy clay, add four 2 cu. ft. bags of soil conditioner per 100 sq. ft. of bed. For average soil, add two or three bags. For excellent soil, add one or two bags.


Locate and Space Plants

Before planting, place all plants in the bed. Use the We Plan, You Plant plan as a general guide. Adapt the exact location and number of plants to suit your vision of the planting.

Remember that the recommended spacing is based on the plants' horticultural requirements and mature size under good conditions.


Prepare Soil and Install Plants

Prepare the soil and install the plants according to the design and information you received during your session with our designer. Here are watering and maintenance calendar guides to help you care for your plants.



Follow the recommendations provided in your plan. General guidelines are:

One bale of pine straw for each 35 sq. ft. of bed. This will normally cover a 5'x7' area 3" deep.

One 2 cu. ft. bag of wood mulch (shredded hardwood, mini nugget or big nugget) for each 144 sq ft. of bed. This will normally cover a 12'x12' area 2" deep.

(printable instructions)



Sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is the perfect time to start planning your next landscape project!

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